Flower care

At Texas Flower ‘Rangers we take special care that your flowers arrive in the same condition as when they leave our studio. We use dedicated couriers who specialise in transporting flowers. Once you receive your beautiful flowers it is important that you cut off the stems at an angle and place them immediately in a clean vase filled with tepid water and flower preserver. Following these flower care instructions will help your flowers last for longer. Sometimes your flowers will come with sachets of water attached to each stem. Simply remove the sachet and place into water. Change water about every 3 days for the best flower care. You can expect your cut flowers to last between 4-7 days.

For arrangements, check the water level upon arrival and be sure to keep the water level ¾ full at all times. Keep your flowers in a cool place away from drafts and extremes of heat and cold (eg. heaters, air conditioners, computer screens, microwaves and TVs). Flowers should be kept away from fruit as fruit releases ethylene gas, which speeds up the ageing process of fresh flowers.

Caring for phalaenopsis orchid plants

  • Light – No direct sun, well lit room, avoid drafts
  • Fertilizer – Once a month, use liquid fertilizers.
  • Repot – Every 12/18 months. Use sphagnum moss packed firmly. Do not over pot, the root ball should fit approx. 2cm space around with fresh moss.
  • Water – Keep moist, not wet. Water thoroughly when you do. In a very warm room, water twice a week in summer, once in other seasons. For cooler areas, once a week should be sufficient throughout the year. If the plant dries out and the leaves wilt, soak the pot in water for a few hours. Feel the weight of the pot to learn to judge how much