We’ve all had those mornings. The alarm goes off and you feel like you just closed your eyes five minutes ago. Getting to work is a nightmare. Melbourne traffic is at a standstill – Collins St, Bourke St and Queen St are all gridlocked. You finally arrive at the office feeling like you’re in an episode ofThe Walking Dead and you’re ready to spread your bad mood like the plague.

But picture this… as you walk through reception you are greeted by a stunning, dramatic bouquet of flowers so bright and alive you want to reach out and touch them. Suddenly your mood lifts, your stress dissolves and the world doesn’t seem so bad.

It’s not so hard to imagine this scenario and the reason is this; flowers have been proven lift your mood. Research by Harvard University has shown that people who are grumpy in the morning feel happier and more energised after looking at flowers. Further studies have shown that adding something from nature to the office can reduce stress and health complaints. Natural elements bring warmth and connection into an often sterile and uninspiring environment. So what better way to boost morale and wellbeing in the workplace than having striking and unique fresh flower displays delivered weekly to your door?

Texas offers a weekly flower service to corporate clients in the Melbourne CBD, Docklands, Southbank and beyond. Corporate Flowers make a statement to your clients and can be a great ice breaker and talking point. Always conscious of reflecting and enhancing your corporate image, our office flowers are statement pieces that inspire and impress. Order online or call us today to book a free consultation.

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